Business Systems and Administrative Support

MAXLaw can help identify and access the business systems and administrative support you have in place, to determine if they are best practices for your situation and requirements.

We’ll provide practical assistance to streamline your:

  • Administrative Processes
  • Time Tracking & Job Management
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Document Storage & Archival
  • Accounts and Book-keeping processes including Accounts Receivable practices

Accounts Receivable Actions

Get your debtors ledger under control.

We can assist you directly by managing in-house debt collection and recovery management services and help you develop efficient, practical debtor processes and solutions.

Social Media & Information Technology Policy

We can assist you in managing policies around social media and information technologies, where these activities are undesirable or where IT practices require staff adherence.

Business Planning

A well written business plan provides documented and agreed goals, plans and actions. Getting clear on these things can provide enormous benefits for your business. A business plan may also assist in meeting external requirements, or for obtaining funding.

MAXLaw offers Business Planning services tailored to your needs – a perfect springboard to start the business planning process.

Policy and Procedures Frameworks

Take the hard work out of Policy and Procedures.

Many situations occur in day-to-day business operations that require uniform, legally compliant actions.

From staff leave or resignation to conflict or non-compliance issues – your policy manual can be a significant time, cost and headache-saving resource.

MAXLaw will help you prepare your Policy and Procedures manual in a consultative framework tailored to your specific needs, taking into account your finance environment and the legislative/ industry accountabilities of your business. Your manual will help you delegate with confidence.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Get on top of governance, compliance and risk issues.

This is about making sure businesses and not-for-profits meet legislative and industry requirements.

These management tools provide additional benefits, helping your business:

  • Operate efficiently
  • Deliver products and services efficiently and profitably
  • Handle complaints
  • Manage client privacy and confidentiality requirements
  • Efficiently manage workplace safetyOur friendly team are here to help you with all of these business needs.

Confidential, practical business support, when you need it.

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