Legal Services

Our specialised services have one purpose

To MAXimise the efficiency and profitability of your
busy legal professionals.


By outsourcing legal processes, your firm will experience significantly greater practice efficiency and profits.


Why use MAXLaw as your Legal Process Outsource (LPO) service provider?

  • Staff cost savings
    You can upsize and downsize as you need to – staff are available when you need them, without overheads like annual leave costs, payroll tax and human resources management.
  • Improved staff efficiency
    By delegating low level, time-consuming and routine legal processes, your legal practitioners can focus on delivering higher level strategic legal services to clients and stakeholders.
  • Increased caseload capacity
    Having ‘instant help’ means you can take on more work without having to take on permanent staff.
  • Enhanced outcome quality
    With routine roles taken care of, your staff can spend their valuable time and energy on the tasks that produce the best outcomes.
  • Improved client relationships and practice image
    By building rapport with your firm’s clients and acting as a concise, quality liaison between solicitor and client, your customers feel more understood and valued.

Maximise profit and take the pressure off your busy legal team with support from our legal process specialists.

For one-off or job-specific needs, or for your ongoing legal process requirements.

Our expert staff are available when you need them.